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Robert Aronov & Associates, PC provides our clients with closings at a flat fee which includes all deed transfer and recording fees. The transfer is the final stage of the closing and will allow you to transfer ownership of the real estate property. The deed contains the names of the buyers and sellers along with a legal description of the property at hand. It is signed by the person transferring the property & the seller’s signature must be notarized. A qualified real estate attorney should provide the transfer services as the state law can be very confusing when it comes to transferring a property properly. A warranty deed is the most common type used. It basically guarantees or warranties the buyers purchase. Any liens or defects must be disclosed by the seller. The less common Quitclaim deed is often uses by parties who trust each-other. Here, no promises or claims need to be made about the title. This deed would be used by family members that buy from each-other and trust their are no liens or defects on the real estate property.