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8945 W. Russell Road, Suite 310 Las Vegas, NV, 89148
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Someone would want Ace to handle their case because of his excellent negotiation skills. He has taken multiple courses in law school with extensive hands-on training in the art of negotiating. He aims to earn the trust of his clients by treating them as more than just another case. Clients can always reach him and he makes sure that they get the individual attention that they deserve. Ace will never ignore or turn down a meeting with a client, unlike some competitors. He is a people person that makes a strong effort to relate to and understand every one of his clients. He appreciates that people just want to be heard, and he is here to listen and help in any way that he can.

Ace is a skilled negotiator. At his previous firm, he was handling nearly 350 cases at a time and settling more than $1,000,000 monthly.

Most of his success occurs both inside and outside the courtroom, negotiating with the insurance companies. He does his best to get his clients the money they need for their medical bills and pain in suffering, without ever having to step into the courtroom. If encountered with an insurance company unable or unwilling to negotiate and understand the nature of your pain, the Ace Lakhani Law Firm is ready to take the fight into the courtroom and ensure a favorable outcome.